Bryant Furnace Repair & Maintenance:

Bryant is manufactured by Carrier, which is one of the oldest and well-known manufacturer of furnaces. Its product line includes Bryant Legacy™, Bryant Preferred™, Bryant Evolution™ 

Common Byrant Furnace model numbers are:

Bryant Evolution™ 

987M : High Efficiency Gas Furnace up to 97.0% AFUE Rating

986T :  High Efficiency Gas Furnace up to 96.5% AFUE Rating.

Bryant Preferred™

925S & 925S : Gas Furnace up to 96% AFUE Rating.

Bryant Legacy™

915S & 912S : Gas Furnace up to 92% AFUE Rating.

To understand what these Ratings mean and to get more information, Please visit the High Efficiency Gas Furnaces page.

Bryant Furnace Warranty Repair:

To the original owner, the Bryant® gas furnaces are covered by a 10-year parts and a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration of your new equipment. Warranty period is 5-years on parts and 20-years on heat exchangers if not registered within 90 days of installation. Jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned on registration will automatically receive a 10-year parts limited warranty and a lifetime parts warranty on the heat exchangers. See warranty certificate at for complete details and restrictions. This is great in case your furnace breaks down, major parts of your furnace are covered under warranty. If you want your Bryant furnace repaired call Hawk Home Services, we will provide you with experienced hassle free service and also tell you if your parts are eligible for warranty. This way you will not have to pay for the parts. Always ask your contractor if they can retrieve warranty parts from Bryant because your furnace might still be under warranty.

Bryant Furnace Common Problems:

Over the years we have diagnosed some issues with Bryant furnaces*. Most of these have been caused because of improper installation or not maintaining your carrier furnace. We receive calls from our customers with issues like loud noise coming from furnace, intermittent issues, furnace won’t fire up, furnace is leaking water, fan works but there is no heat, fan making vibrating noise e.t.c. We have been repairing and installing furnaces for a long time now, we have qualified and licensed technicians to help your bryant furnace repair.

*Please note all issues described above are not specific to Bryant furnaces but are common problems we diagnose with all brands on a daily basis.

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