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Best High Efficiency Furnaces

Are you looking for an upgrade to your home heating. The most cost effective way is to Install a heating furnace. Before you invest into a heating and cooling system, it is recommended to consult an Hvac Contractor providing you heating and cooling services such as Hawk Home Services. There are several factors that need to be considered while choosing your gas heating furnace for home heating.

–  AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)

Consider the AFUE ratings of the furnace you are installing. High Efficiency Furnaces are usually in between 92-98% efficient.  Basically, what this means is that for every $1 you spend on your home heating your furnace will actually utilize 92c-98c of it. The rest will be heat/energy loss.

–  Single Stage Furnace / Two Stage Furnace /Variable Speed Furnace

Single stage Furnace : Affordable basic furnace that  works on Full blow all the time. This means it is costly to run because every time you turn your furnace on, it is working at its full potential blowing as much heat as it can.

Two Stage Furnace : Relatively expensive furnace but lower energy bills. It usually works on lower stage mostly, which consumes less energy. The second stage only kicks in when the temperature outside gets freezing. It will reach your desired temperature on full blow and then come back to first stage, saving you money on gas bills for home heating.

Variable Speed Furnace:  As the name suggests, there are variable speeds possible because of a special fan motor installed. These are very efficient and cost effective, they control both heating and humidity in your house. Even if the furnace is not heating your house these low energy consuming motors circulate air in your house, working with air cleaners to purify air killing bacteria as well. These furnaces are expensive, but their savings and home comfort is definitely worth it. These furnaces qualify for heavy rebates as well.

Lots of options to choose from!!

If you know what Furnace brand you are looking for go ahead and discover. If you are having any kind of difficulty with your choice. We can make your life easier. Just fill in the form to your right and we will love to give you a free consultation.

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At Hawk we carry  York®, Goodman® Bryant® and Keeprite® line-ups:

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