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Best High Efficiency Central AC (Air Conditioner)

Looking for a new Central Air Conditioner for your house can be confusing and a lot of Hassle. At Hawk we believe in helping you make an informed decision. Some factors to Consider:

The most essential element to consider while picking new Heating and Air Conditioning Furnace/Air Conditioner is finding an HVAC contractor you can trust. Getting your Central Air Conditioner or Furnace Installed from an HVAC Contractor you can trust is more imperative than the brand you pick, the value you pay, or the kind of heating and cooling system you install. None of that stuff matters in the event that you can’t count on your HVAC contractor who installed your heating and air conditioning system to take care of you if there is ever an issue.

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What type of Air Conditioner does your Home REQUIRE to Cool your Home:

If your Air Conditioner is Sized correctly, even the most basic 13 SEER Central Air Conditioning unit will cool down your home.  The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured by its SEER rating. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The SEER rating of any air conditioning unit basically reflects the cooling output of an AC  over the amount of hydro energy it uses.

Most salespeople in the Hvac Industry will recommend an ultra high efficiency (read :expensive) central air conditioner to their customers to make higher commissions.Despite what any salesperson tells you, a 13 SEER unit will cool just about any home comfortably.


Should you even Consider Installing a High-Efficiency Unit?

Prices for Units above 16 SEER start to get ridiculously high. You should go for an air conditioner that supports both  your home and financial needs. Generally, a 16 SEER unit is 20% more efficient than a 13 SEER (read:basic) air conditioner. If you get a fairly heavy hydro bill in the summer (either because of excess usage or owning a large house) you should consider a 16 SEER unit because:

  1. saving of  20% on your Hydro Bill

  2. Select air conditioners are Eligible for Rebates from OPA. This should offset a portion of your cost

  3. Price for a 16 SEER unit is not ridiculously high.

You should spend a couple of minutes to calculate your payback period for the extra cash you spend on a high efficiency air conditioner. Simply Math.
.20 [20% energy saving with upgrade to 16 SEER] x Average Summer Monthly Bill = SAVINGS
Then, SAVINGS x 4 = Monthly Savings (4 Months average usage of Air Conditioner in Canada)

Single Stage Vs Two Stage Air Conditioner:

Single Stage Air Conditioners work like an orthodox light bulb. They can be either turned ON or OFF. If they are turned on they will be working on full capacity consuming constantly high energy.

Two- Stage Air Conditioners are like a ceiling fan that can adjust. If it’s not too hot, the ac will run on a low setting(read:stage) consuming less energy. Only when the temperatures are hot enough will the second stage kick in where the Air Conditioner is operates at full capacity. Two-stage Air Conditioners are very expensive to buy.


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