High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

High efficiency gas furnaces, sometimes referred to as condensing furnaces, condense the water vapor from the flue gases (Flue gas is the gas exiting to the atmosphere via a flue, which is a pipe or channel for conveying exhaust gases from a furnace)  and return the latent heat of vaporization (heat required to convert liquid into a vapor, without change of temperature)  to the circulating air in the form of actual heat that goes around heating your house. There is a range of options while selecting a high efficiency gas that are usually measured for cost effectiveness and performance. The principal option is the selection of the furnace AFUE in a range between 90% and 98%.

There are three common product categories, differentiated by efficiency and circulating air blower control (AFUE ranges approximate):

1. Single-stage furnace with blower motor operating at a single speed, generally 90% to 92% AFUE

2. Two-stage furnace with blower motor operating at multiple speeds, can range from 92% to 96% AFUE

3. Step modulating furnace with variable-speed (electronically commutated permanent magnet (ECM) or multitap permanent split capacitance) blower motor, can range from 96% to 98% AFUE.

The higher efficiency products command a higher market price as they offer improved comfort features as well as energy cost savings. High efficiency furnaces with step modulating and 5 multispeed blowers modulate the furnace capacity and circulating air volume to match the heating load of the home under varying weather conditions.

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