new water boiler install

Water Boiler install at Motel

Hot Water is an essential need for hotel industry. If you want satisfied customers, you want to give them the comfort of long hot water showers. Temperature in Canada falls to a point where tap water get too cold for normal consumption. Boilers are used for greater hot water requirements. In big sized restaurants and motels they can be used for cooking, dishwashers, cleaning, laundry and sanitary purposes. We received a call from a motel owner who was devastated because he had no hot water and had to reimburse his clients and close his business. We rushed to the site and found the existing system was not fit for repairs, so we did our calculations and recommended them an AO Smith HW 420 Hot Water Boiler. Since this motel had high hot water consumption. It was Ideal for their needs.Gas line and Water lines were extended and electrical wire and breaker were installed by our licensed technicians. . This install was according to TSSA standard in Canada.

New Boiler : AO Smith HW 420

Input : 420,000 BTU/Hr

Usage : Motel

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