Commercial Hot Water Tank

Hot Water Tanks/Heaters are very important for restaurants to operate dishwashers and preparation of food. We have served over 100 businesses with commercial hot water tanks. Recently, we received a call from a new restaurant looking for a hot water heater for their business. We did our calculations and recommended them an AO Smith BTH 250 Hot Water Heater. This hot water tank has a capacity of 100 USG and can provide almost 200USG of water at 70C per hour. Also, this is one of the most efficient commercial hot water tanks out there.  Since this resturant had high hot water consumption. It was Ideal for their needs.

Gas line and Water lines were extended and electrical wire and breaker were installed  by our licensed technicians. 636 Venting was installed. This install was according to TSSA standard in Canada.

New Tank : AO Smith BTH 250

Input : 250,000 BTU/Hr

Efficiency : 96%

Usage :  Large  food restaurant