Restaurant Hot Water Tank

Commercial Hot Water Tank

Hot Water is an essential need for many food businesses to run. 60% of all our commercial hot water tank installs are in restaurants all over Southern Ontario.

If your hot water tank breaks down at your restaurant, do not worry we have got you covered. Mostly we do emergency hot water tank installs for businesses that can not afford to loose any business because they may have to shut down for a bit because of shortage of hot water.

We received a call from a well-known fast food chain with the complaint of no hot water. The commercial hot water tank was old and was not worth repairing. They had limited space, we recommended a Rheem 75 US Gallon Commercial Hot Water Tank. In a matter of hours, we brought in the new tank and replaced it. We also had to upgrade the venting up to new TSSA codes [Failure to do so will result in a red tag and penalties]. Moreover we gave the Commercial Water Tank a nice stool to rest on because of limited space its base would not fit on the floor.

New Tank : Rheem Power Vent 75 US Gallon Commercial Tank

Usage : Fast food restaurant, mid sized resturant